Module 8: Reflect and Plan

FAVORITES: My favorite module was Module 5 and Module 1 because I got to learn something new. Module 1 was a favorite because I was introduced to  Voxer for the first time.  I really liked it for quick communication and providing people in my group with assistance.  I will be using it in the future…

Module 7: Teach Something

I created this video with Screencast-o-matic. I haven’t used screencast-o-matic in several years because I am a SnagIt user. I found Screencast-o-matic easy to use. The only glitch I can see, is faculty will need to download software and then click record on the web site after the download. I have faculty create videos for many…

Module 6: Mind mapping with Coggle

I chose to look at mind mapping tools. I am often asked to recommend a tool and I have not found one that I like. I had played with and Popplet so I decided to try Coggle. I was immediately attracted to Coggle because of its integration with Google sign in – a huge plus…

Module 5: Instagram

I have been using Twitter and Facebook for a few year so I decided to learn more about Instagram for Module 5. One of the reasons I have stayed away from Instagram is it I wanted it to be like Twitter so I could retweet and aggregate my pictures and hashtags in something like Tweetdeck….

Module 4: SlideShare

One of my favorite presentation authors in Nancy Duarte.  She has written several books and has presented at TED Talks. The SlideShare deck below is called Slidedocs – “visual documents developed in presentation software intended to be read and referenced instead of projected.” I just bought her most recent book Illuminate: Ignite change through speeches, stories,…

Module 4: Vimeo

Another important part of my life is robotics. My husband and I coach a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team.  We have been involved with FIRST for 10 years. We had a FIRST Lego League team when the kids were small and them moved to FTC.  All of our daughter have been a part of the team.  So…

Module 4: Thinglink

I learned about Thinglink  at a Google summit this spring. It allows faculty to create interaction learning objects for students to explore.  It also provides a platform for students to create their own thinglink images. Today, I discovered they have a new product 360/VR lessons. That they introduced at the ISTE conference last month.  Click the image below…

Module 1: Taking Stock

In this post, I take stock of my technology skills and the skills of the faculty I work with.

Module 2: Groundwork

So far I really like Voxer. It is easy to use once I set it it up for tap to talk. One of our group member characterized it as texting with your voice.

Module 3: Reflection

WordPress to be user friendly and provides me with the options I want for adding graphics. The interface has changed a bit since I used it a couple of years ago.