Module 2: Groundwork

I choose to use Google Drive as my bin and we are using Voxer for our group collaboration. I chose Google Drive because I have four Google accounts and it seemed like the best choice. I also use OneDrive and Dropbox.  I find Google drive to be the best for sharing and collaborating on documents. Click  HERE to see my Module 1 post in my bin.
So far I really like Voxer. It is easy to use once I set it it up for tap to talk. One of our group member characterized it as texting with your voice. Which is perfect! I am hoping to get faculty to embrace it for asking me questions. I really love the idea of having an open dialog.  I will need to create a how-to guide and a video. I am going to roll it out at In-service in the fall.
A number of people in my group were having issues with the talk button so I created some directions. Click HERE for the directions I create for how to change your talk button sessions in Voxer.


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