Module 6: Mind mapping with Coggle

I chose to look at mind mapping tools. I am often asked to recommend a tool and I have not found one that I like. I had played with and Popplet so I decided to try Coggle. I was immediately attracted to Coggle because of its integration with Google sign in – a huge plus for faculty and students.

The two departments that are heaviest users of mind maps are nursing and supervisory management.  I think this tool would work well for them because of the convenience of the Google account login, the number or resources/tutorials that are available and the ability to collaborate. It could be use for anyone writing a paper, outlining a textbook chapter or giving a presentation.

I found Coggle intuitive and easy to use.  I used it to create an outline for a presentation I need to give at in-service in August. Creating the map caused me to think about my organization and what I wanted to cover in a more visual way.  I also played with uploading visuals.

It will make faculty nervous to make it public. However, students could use the private link and only create one map at a time.

Below is the graphic I created.  Click HERE to access the visual in Coggle.


Training resources



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