Module 5: Instagram

I have been using Twitter and Facebook for a few year so I decided to learn more about Instagram for Module 5. One of the reasons I have stayed away from Instagram is it I wanted it to be like Twitter so I could retweet and aggregate my pictures and hashtags in something like Tweetdeck.  In all my research and playing, I found one!  It is called ink361. I can organize the people I follow and hashtags into circles and view them all in one place.  My next task was to find a way to repost instagram pictures I liked. I found an app! It is called Repost for Instagram.

I see a lot of utility for sharing pictures in a classroom with a class and project hashtag. I can see it being used and a graphic design course to collect ideas for packaging or other project. You could also use it to illustrate mathematical concepts or shapes.  

Below is a slide deck I created to demonstrate each task in module 5.

I also create a Pinterest board with some of my Instagram resource.



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