Module 8: Reflect and Plan


My favorite module was Module 5 and Module 1 because I got to learn something new. Module 1 was a favorite because I was introduced to  Voxer for the first time.  I really liked it for quick communication and providing people in my group with assistance.  I will be using it in the future if I can get our faculty to buy in – I think once they try it they will really like it.  In Module 5, I became reacquainted with Instagram better yet was the discovery of INK361.  INK361 allows me to aggregate my post into circles by topic. This is my photography circle:



The most challenging module in the course was Module 4 and getting the Thinglink graphic to post correctly.  However, challenge is not a word I would use.  I wasn’t frustrated or upset.  I tend to look at technology that is not working an opportunity to learn something new.  I enjoyed figuring out that is was because the graphic I chose was in the 3-D format that is didn’t post correctly.  


The two tool I will use from this course are Voxer and the concept of a “Live” session.  In my daily work, I answer questions from faculty ranging from digital pedagogy to how do I fix my grade center.  Voxer is a great way to do that on the fly.  I don’t have to be at a keyboard or staring at my screen in a virtual meeting. I can also set a time each week for a “Live” session and use Blackboard’s Ultra tool to record and ask faculty to post questions in the chat. I can record the sessions and post them in my Blackboard shell. Both these tools could also be used by faculty in their own teaching practice.


I am always excited about learning new tool and how to use them in the classroom.  One of my goals this summer is to pass the Google Level 2 Educator training.  A big part of the training is becoming more versed in Google Sheets.  I have resisted spreadsheets for a long time but I learned to embrace them as I was working on my dissertation.

The second tool I will think about integrating into my social media practice is SnapChat. I use it with my kids but haven’t used it in an educational context.  I created a Pinterest board to gather idea. The Snapchat feature I am most interested in is the ability to download your story.  What if you were on a field trip and everyone in the class created a Snapchat story, downloaded it and the shared them? Imagine the different perspective you would get.


  1. Watch the Google Sheets video list in the Jumpstart Guide and complete the Google Level 2 educator training by August 15.
  2. Take the Google Level 2 educator test by September 15.
  3. Have my family play with the SnapChat story feature to document a family adventure by August 10.
  4. Introduce Voxer and Live video to faculty by August 30.


I began this course because I wanted to watch Jennifer Gonzalez facilitate the  2016 JumpStart Course. She does not disappoint. The course is like her web site:

a vibrant, encouraging, stimulating community of teachers, supporting each other toward excellence.  Jennifer Gonzalez

Jennifer brought teachers together across disciplines, across grade levels and gave them a forum to find their voice. In just one  week, she created a community where teachers were asking questions, posting solutions and reacting to each other’s work.  We used technology tools that fit our unique needs and were able ask questions in a safe environment.  The course, its materials, and Jennifer’s private Facebook group were masterfully created. Thank you for an incredible summer adventure that I will continue on my own for years to come!


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