Module 1: Taking Stock

  1. What is your biggest concern or challenge with technology? Choose two or three and describe how these things hold you back.
    FEAR: I don’t have too many concerns about using technology. However, as an Instructional Technologist, I work with a faculty fear technology. Many of them worry they won’t be able to answer student questions. Many faculty are used to being the expert in the classroom and it is difficult to let go of control.
    SHINY OBJECT: Other faculty are just excited to try something new but have not thought through the pedagogical implications.  I work with faculty every day to help them think not about the technology but their teaching practice. What do you want to accomplish? What are your course competencies?
    FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT:Faculty are fantastic at summative assessment. I ask faculty to think what kind of opportunities can you offer to your student to practice and test their knowledge before they take the summative assessment.
    TOO MUCH: When I examine my own challenges – I realize I can’t be without it! I don’t vacation without WiFi and my phone is with me all the time. When my kids were little we did technology free week – I think we all need to find out way back to that. My kids are now 14, 16 and 18 so technology is a big part of their lives too.
  2. Why bother with technology?  Reasons that were relevant to me.
    IT SAVES TIME! – I have a crazy busy life and I am always looking for way to save time for myself and the faculty I work with. I am excited that see if I can get faculty to use Voxer to ask  questions.  I think it will be more efficient for something than a virtual for face-to-face meeting.
    BETTER COLLABORATION: I use technology everyday to find resources for myself and the faculty I work with. I am on Twitter, Pinterest, Flipboard etc.  I am considering Evernote but I don’t know if I want to add another tool!
  3. Tools that interest me.
    As I mentioned before Voxer is at the top of my list. I am going to look for a step-by-step guide for faculty – or create one.
    I really like Kaizena – but many of our faculty have papers submitted to our learning management system (Blackboard) as a Word doc so I am not sure it would work.  They do now have in interface with microsoft. I need to investigate.
    I am interesting in creating a web site but haven’t done it yet – Weebly is my first choice. I have tried WordPress but it didn’t click.
    I also want to try Magisto, GoNoodle, Coggle ( I have a number of faculty who do mind mapping).
  4. How to implement technology – two tips.
    I love all the steps but my two favorite are get clear on the reason – have an instructional reason!
    Get the right mindset – phone (voxer!) a friend. I have a 20 minute rule for faculty – if they can’t figure it out in 20 minutes – call me.
    I am also huge fan of  reflection. I ask faculty to keep a journal of how they are feeling as they learn new technology because that is how their students feel when they learn new course content.
  5. Q & A
    KeepVid – faculty find things on YouTube and them they become unavailable.
    Mashable’s hashtag guide is great!
    Realtime board I am interested in finding out more about it. It would be a great substitute for a faculty meeting.
  6. Tool categories
    Mind mapping – I need to find an easy tool that works with Google.
    Presentation tools – I present a lot and I would like to find some new tools to look at.
    Video production – we are struggling with closed captioning issues. I would love to know if anyone has any low cost solutions.Another note – one my primary reasons for taking the JumpStart course is meet teachers who have a passion for teaching and technology. And to watch Jennifer Gonzalez facilitate the group. I love to learn and see how to make the online environment authentic and personal.

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