Module 8: Reflect and Plan

FAVORITES: My favorite module was Module 5 and Module 1 because I got to learn something new. Module 1 was a favorite because I was introduced to  Voxer for the first time.  I really liked it for quick communication and providing people in my group with assistance.  I will be using it in the future…

Module 1: Taking Stock

In this post, I take stock of my technology skills and the skills of the faculty I work with.

Module 2: Groundwork

So far I really like Voxer. It is easy to use once I set it it up for tap to talk. One of our group member characterized it as texting with your voice.

Module 3: Reflection

WordPress to be user friendly and provides me with the options I want for adding graphics. The interface has changed a bit since I used it a couple of years ago.